Kirkuk in the Assyrian middle Ages


Kirkuk (arabkha) one of The Cities of Araq Which Has Immortal Name His Tory Throughout the Ages Like The Rest of Iraqs Ancient Cities It Was one of The most Prominent roles Was The Assyrian Middle Age Wich Was At The Beginning of The Period of Mitani Domination This City Has Emerged In Northern Mesopotamia Were Believe That The Kingdoms of Northern Mesopottamia Were Belonge to Arabkha City Because of Its Importants، in Addition to its Political Importance There in Cultural Importance Inloding Social Traditions Such as Adoption and Marrige Iorder to Obtain Propety, Reserchers that Study The Political and Cuitural situation of The City of Kirkuk Are Facing Many Difficulties Because The Studies Are Ambiguous and Relatirely few and The Information Available Are few and does not Exist for Same Periode of Time and The Region in inhupited by Multiple People as in Population Treated With Different People and This Gave it Distinctive Features.