Kirkuk in The Modern Assyrian Era(911-612 B.C)


The Curreent City of Kirkuk Wich it LiesIn The North of Mesopotamia wich Was knwn by Many Names From of The Ages that have Passed An The His Tory of Ancient Iray such as (Jasoor،NUZI، AEABKHA) and it are of The Important Cities of Iraq and it Was Since The Dawn of The Broods of The Center of The City Known as Kutum in The Akkadian Era It had APrivileged Position an The Economic Side Wich Cantained Large Agricul Tural disticts . Since The Age of The Kute Centural in The Middle of The Last Quarter of The Third Millennium B.c. Until The End of The Babylonian Era, There Were Important Political Enents . it emerged During The Era of The hurrians after their Contrul of The Northern Iraq and then The Assyrian interim Mediator and Was Political and Economic and Civilization throughout Those Covenants، In The Modren Assyrian Period, it Became very Importantas it aUntal Axic nd Starting Point for Assyrian Military Campaingns to The East، North Eastarn Even south . This research Will Focus Ito Role in This Age