An evaluation of mercury hygiene level for dentists in Mosul City


The present study was carried out to observe the level of mercury hygiene for the dentists in Mosul city via a questionnaire given to the 98 dentists selected randomly. The data was collected and percentages were calculated. The results revealed that the dentists had some of good hygienic methods, for example, (80% of dentists were ventilate their clinic, 100% of dentists were use water cooling System during removal of old amalgam restorations), and some of unhygienic methods, for example, (33% of dentists only were uses amalgam capsules, 93% of dentists work without rubber gloves) which increase the possibility of dentists exposure to mercury toxicity. According to this results the dentists should change they manner form unhygienice type to minimize as much as possible the mercury toxicity. Seminars & lectures of continuos education are very important in this field