Revenue in the State of the Apostle ((peace be upon him))


Life in the Arabian peninsula before Islam is simple life and depends primarily on grazing livestock . After emergence of Islam, ,an Arabic Muslim state has been emerged in the has state constituents .The founder of the state ,the prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) put the fundamental of an organized administrative system in order to have a strong basis to manage the affairs of the state and one of these systems The Financial System of the state where Muslims at the beginning of the Islamic invitation spending their money in the form of donations to build the state, and after the expansion of the country and the spread of Islam ,the financial imports began to increase , which led to the need for staff like money-keepers and workers of charity and others to manage the money and in various fields. They were the bases of the state's financial system which represent the main building block for the formation of this system in Islamic Arab state and they followed by the economist who described them as the most accurate economic system.