The oral and dental health status among people in Sharkhan village


A survey of (213) subjects from Sharkhan village near Mosul city was involved by questioner to evaluate the methods used to maintain the oral and dental health and involved also a clinical examination for the sample to evaluate the incidence of dental carries according to G.V Black classification. The study showed that only (1.66%) of Sample were visit the dentist regularly, (53.33%) were visit the dentist on need only and (45.01%) never visit the dentist. A bout the methods used to maintain the oral hygiene, the questioner showed that (61.92%) of sample never used tooth brush, (15%) used the brush regularly, while (23.08%) brushing there teeth intermittently. The questionnaire explained that (28.43%) using mouth wash, (4.68%) using dental floss, (109) using picks and only (3.84%) using wood stick (Miswak). The examination showed that tooth (23.27%) of sample having (1-3) carious teeth, (34.06%) having (46) carious teeth and this mean that (3.16% 0 of sample were caries free. The pits and fissures caries was the type of highest percentage (67.06%) followed by proximal caries (22.8%) and other types of classification were less.