The level of voice in the prayer of Abu Hamza al - Thamali


This research aims to show the factors leading to the level of sound in the call of Abu Hamza al-Thameli trying to study the vocal level by monitoring some of its phenomena and in this context we will study the research from two aspects, first: music and sound in the prayer of Abu Hamza al-Thamali, because this aspect is one of the most important elements The beauty of prayer. The second aspect of the research presented the rhythmic and acoustic level in the call of Abu Hamza al-Thamali. This aspect included the intervals, repetition, contrast, contrast, genesis and vocalization, because these elements combined provide an integrated creative palette. This research was aimed at studying the call of Abu Hamza al-Thamali in light of the analytical descriptive method. The researcher concluded that the imam employed the marginalized voices of the prophet to write his books in the masajat Allaah Subhaneh and al-Ta'ala. ) By closely associating the Qur'an with its knowledge of the prayer and teaching it to the recipient.