Effect of Foliar spray of Tryptophan and Nitrogen fertilizer on Growth and yield of Rocket plant (Eruca sativa Mill.)


This research was conducted in the research unit (A), College of Agriculture-University of Baghdad in the growing season 2016-2017 to study the influence of foliar spray of Amino acid (Tryptophan) and Nitrogen fertilizer on improvement the qualities and quantity of the yields on Rocket( Eruca sativa Mill.(. The Tryptophan sprayed with four concentration 0,50,100 and 150mg.L-1 The spraying was done three times .The nitrogen fertilizer as urea 46%N was added to the soil at three concentration 0, 75 and 150kg.ha-1. the results showd thatspray by tryptophan 150mg.L-1 and nitrogen 150 kg.ha-1 gave best results in number of leaves 30.57 leaf.plant-1, leaf area per plant 1160.0cm2, the percentage of dry weight 13.23% the leaf content of chlorophyll 45.13 SPAD, and plant height 52.40cm , and leaves production4.50kg.m2while the control gave less results of this studied characteristics.