A comparative study between the poems of Abu Ala Al Ma'ari and Molana


Abstract:-This research aims to explore different elements in the poetry of Abu Ala Al Ma'ari and the Iranian poet Maulana Jalal al-Din al-Balkhi. Maari is known as the poet of philosophy or philosopher of the poet because of his philosophical tendencies and its own tendencies. and Moulana is an Iranian poet who knows his character and his mysticism and also has special philosophical directions. There are similar attitudes and common tendencies in the poetry of the poets Maari and Mawlawi that the research is carried out through an applied study. One of the issues we studied in this research is the Doctrine of the Poets of Maari and Mawlawi About God, Life, Death, and.... The approach used in this research is the critical analytical approach it is based on the study of poetry and poetry analysis.