Assessment of water quality of Tigris River within Baghdad City


This study investigate the effects of the city on the water quality of Tigris River, Water samples were collected from upstream, midstream and downstream sections of the river within Baghdad city. This study included the analyzed of Physico-chemical parameters and compared them with CCME Standard Values for protection of aquatic life and application of CCME mathematical model that facilities the expression of the result and gives a clear picture for the river status, eleven parameter were used to compute the CCMEWQI which are: pH, Water Temperature, Dissolved Oxygen, Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), Chloride (Cl), Ammonia (NH4), Nitrate (NO3), Nitrite (NO2), phosphate (PO4) Turbidity, Lead (Pb) and Copper (Cu). The result show that all stations in both seasons (winter &summer) have poor valuation, which indicate that’s Tigris River in Baghdad city are heavily polluted for the aquatic life.