Periodontal health and treatment needs of intermediate school children and its relation to educational level of parents


This study was carried out on(981) intermediate school children ages (13-15) years to determine the influence of parent education on periodontal health status and treatment needs.The Community Periodontal Index of Treatment Needs (CPITN) was used to assess the periodontal condition and treatment needs. The results showed that the percentage of children with a healthy gingiva was low inspective of the educational level of their parents; periodontal disease was prevalent in(93.2-100%) of the sample.There was no significant difference in the mean number of healthy sextants between males and females in the different levels of parent education. Also, there was no significant difference in periodontal disease and treatment needs for the total sample in relation to different levels of parent education.The periodontal treatment feels for the students were massive;(93.2-100%)needed dental health education, while prophylactic scaling and polishing was required in(62.7-84.21%) of the sample