The Effective of Affective Human Engineering on The Voice of The Employee


Abstract The Research aims at understanding and clarifying the impact of human Affective engineering with its dimensions (Instinctive emotion ,behavioral emotion, contemplative emotion) on the voice of the employee . the problem of research was the following question: ( Does human Affectively engineering a ffact on the voice of employee). The importance of research in terms of results obtained through the survey of the views of the research sample in the organization investigated represented by the staff of college of Administration and Economics , Karbala University of (78) respondents by questionnaire that prepared for this purpose. After collecting and analyzing the data statistically using a set of statistical tools including correlation coefficient and multiple linear regression . A set of results was obtained which crystallized in the conclusion that: human Affective engineering is interested in knowing the feelings and desires of the human resource which contributes to the success of the organization's work. The most important recommendations should be to increase the college's interest in finding and strengthening the health environment in the work , which in turn reflected in the human Affective engineering and the voice of employee. Keywords: Affective Human Engineering, Employee.