Women's Crimes in Iraq from A Geographical Perspective - The model of Women's Prison in Rissafa


The geography of crime is one of the branches of human geography, which works to link the criminal activity to the natural and human geographic environment. It is a modern branch of geography, which has been closely linked to the complexities of human life, especially with the high rate of urbanization and the steady increase of the population.The study was specialized for women because of the importance of women in society being a nanny for generations and at the same time represents half of the society has been noted a rise in the proportion of feminist crimes in Iraq significantly, and because the crime is related to what is most related to large cities This study specifically in Baghdad province to include women only Risaffa Prison through a field survey of all 562 inmates at the time of the survey. The study included three topics:The first topic: Definition of the study community and the steps of research and tools.The second topic: Geographical distribution and some demographic characteristics of the inmates in the study population.The third topic: Statistical analysis of the study population and test hypotheses of the study.Finally, the study reached a number of conclusions and proposals and a number of appendices for the field study.