Perceiving Errors of Grammatical Concord Committed By Iraqi undergraduates studying English as A Foreign Language


This paper endeavors to inspect the intralingual errors induced by the undergraduates who learn English as a foreign language. The basic goal of this research is to identify those errors and itemize them into types.Recognizing such errors let the teachers diagnose the vulnerable points that the learners suffer from as it assists the learners in exploring their errors which is an impetus to overcome their errors. Attending a good linguistic magnitude of competence of grammatical concord rules in the learner's mind might not be discharged practically in a real context which occurs due to tenuous practice exerted by the learner. Performing well-formed structures – without errors is bounded up with conceiving the rules of grammatical concord, then practiced appropriately within the context. Otherwise, inefficacious performance stemming from faulty implementation or misuse of rules vitiates the appropriateness of the sentences produced. Rules of concord relating to number and subject-verb types have been almost violated.A parcel of monthly exam answer sheets has been used in the process of analysis in order to advocate the objective of the research.