Improvement of mechanical properties of polyvinyl alcohol by addition of biomaterial (Okra shell and peel peas) for production of environmentally friendly products


A bio-based automotive parts are currently astonishing applied such as, DaimlerChrysler of biggest proponent with up to 50 components in its European vehicles. The properties of natural fibers are closely related to the nature of cellulose and its crystallinity properties. Where, fibers with higher cellulose content possess impressive specific mechanical properties.In making of natural fibers composites, the natural fibers are usually collected, dried, ground and sieved to obtain the desired size prior to processing between (125-250) μm. The processing method that used to prepare natural fiber based composites is moulding ,where the natural fiber for new composites are processing at low temperature limited to 100OC with a shorter processing time reached 24hr in order to avoid the degradation of natural fibers.PVA/natural fibers green composites processing methods and applications in various fields have been investigated. From results these green composite based on okra shell and peel Pease fibers reinforced PVA composites showed good fiber/matrix bonding and exhibited high tensile strength with the maximum fiber content in addition to other mechanical properties as (impact strength, compression strength, and bending distortion) with preference to the combined fibers composite that selected to be a best optimum one.