Training teachers of art education on the use of power point technology in teaching art education skills


Several attempts have been made to develop the educational process - learning in general and the teaching process, in particular by relying on the achievements of technology education including modern educational technologies, and for the purpose of controlling the factors influencing this process economically and selective, have led this science in the last three decades of the century last went to researchers and those interested in the development of the educational process by thinking about the choice of means (Media) and materials (Materials) and educational events (Learning Activities). Accordingly, the researchers found that there is an urgent need to train teachers of art education on the use of computer technology (power point) in the teaching of art education skills, in order to keep up with scientific and technological development, which has become the hallmark of the contemporary world. The research community of teachers of art education workers in the secondary school of the General Directorate for Educational Rusafa II's (384) was selected sample of 10 teachers and teachers of the material, has been a training plan for computer technology design the (power point) and Form Note to evaluate the performance of the research sample, were these tools offer a group of experts to identify their suitability for achieving the target search, the most important their findings are educational content capability of plans designed to according to computer technology the (power point) on the Acquistion of knowledge and skill information for teachers and teachers of art education.