The impact of e-marketing elements in enhancing customer satisfaction A survey of the opinions of a sample of Zain Company's employees in Kirkuk Governorate


The research aims to identify the e-marketing elements that are identified in Zain Telecom in the province of Kirkuk and its role in enhancing customer satisfaction, in order to achieve the objectives of the research has been constructing a model Default shows the relationship between e-marketing elements as an interpreter dimension and customer satisfaction as a responder dimension, and adopted the form questionnaire tool to get to know the views of the respondents customers, were distributed (75) form the respondents customers, was recovery (50) are valid for the analysis of form, has been testing the relationship and influence between the dimensions of research, which in the light of which was pointing a set of conclusions notably interesting company researched the elements of e-marketing in order to achieve customer satisfaction, and the light it was presented a set of proposals consistent with it.