An Intelligent Temperature control system for a Prototype Greenhouse based on IoT Technology


Abstract In recent years, the Greenhouse has been developed with the latest technologies due to the importance of this field. The aim of this paper is to design and implement an intelligent controller for cooling / heating system, using an efficient and low power consumption device, called Thermo-electric cooler (Peltier). The goal of the main controller is to stabilize the temperature inside the greenhouse. A fuzzy controller is designed based on two inputs, error (Err) between set point and actual temperature, and change in error (ΔErr), and one output (pwm) which act as a control signal to drive the Peltier. The overall system is built based on a standalone microcontroller with a simple sensor and actuator. an IoT system are Implemented to enable the farmer to monitor the greenhouse temperature and change it remotely, that for make the peasants works much easier and save much efforts. The prescribed system is tested with some experiments using different transition set point. The result of these experiments shows accepted responses that are suitable for greenhouse applications.