Applied Stochastic Processing on tooth decay during the period 2013-2016 in Erbil City of Kurdistan Region of Iraq


In this paper the researcher attempts to illustrate the use of stochastic process method, to formulate a general rule for its application in different fields that allow us to use primary information. For this purpose the transition matrices of rank 8 * 8 were used, conditional probability matrix and case rate estimation. The time series data of 200 patients from the Republican Hospital in Erbil have been used, who had tooth decay or loss during the period 2013-2016. The result shows that, the probability of total (patients) losing their teeth equals 0.66. While, the probability of path which lids to ending this process, tooth decay (losing teeth) equals 0.68. Which are caused by either decay in premolar or canine surface of the vertical or in lateral, status (abb). The researcher proves that the method of stochastic process (Markov chains) is the appropriate method for this type of application.