Biosorption of Sifranin-O dye from aqueous solutions by using the shells of Carbicula flumina


In this study , a new and available adsorbent was used to get rid of the sifranin-O dye in the aqueous solutions, four experiments were done , to test the effects of contact time, initial dye concentration, adsorbent weight added and the changing in the pH value respectively on the adsorption process, the results show that the best contact time was 60 mints which suggested that the new proposed adsorbent C. flumina shell is a fast adsorbent, also it was found that the removal efficiency (R%) increased with increase of the initial dye concentration up to 40mg /L which reach R%=54.7, after that the R5 decrease, and there was a direct correlation between the increase of adsorbent weight added and the upturn R% , the results show that the removal of Sifranin-O dye increase in the Alkali medium to reach the highest R% =83.55