Purification of aqueous solutions malachite green by using cardamom seeds shells


This study was conducted to find a new and cheap method to remove the malachite green dye from the aqueous solutions, the effects of four main factors on the adsorption process was studied, results show that the best contact time for adsorbing the malachite green dye was 150 min. which give removal efficiency more than R% = 76, we found that the increase in the initial dye concentration lead to the increase in R%, the highest R% reached was 79.8 at initial dye concentration 100 mg/L, the results also show that the R% was increased with the increase in the Adsorbent weight , the highest R% recorded was 82.7 when adding 2 gm of cardamom seed shells, the final factor studied was pH value the R% was increased with the increase of pH value from acidity to alkali media , the highest R% was 84.35 at pH=7.