The grammatical term as for Ibn al-Ataaiqi (d. 790 AH)


The research focuses on the grammatical term of Ibn al- Ataaiqi. Despite his religious orientation and his writings in various fields of science such as medicine, literature and language, he had written a book in grammar (al-Hudood al-Nahawiyah wal al-Ma'aakhith ala al-Hajibiyah). It was characterized by being concise and using selective words indicating the grammatical term, with an explanatory statement of what the term means.I examined four terms in his (al-Hudood al-NaHawiyah); to illustrate the grammatical effort of Ibn al-Ataaiqi in the selection of the term.I opined making the research of two axes:The first axis: Ibn al- Ataaiqi's antecedence in coining terms. I explained that he anteceded other grammarians by two terms namely: al-Murakab al-Wasfi (descriptive compound), and al-Murakab al-Taliqi the (annotating compound).The second axis: the agreement of Ibn al- Ataaiqi with the terminology of the grammarians, and his disagreement with them in style.It explained that Ibn al- Ataaiqi agreed with the grammarians in grammatical terminology and disagreed with the wording and the style. This was also shown in two terms: Ism al-Isharah (demonstrative pronoun) and Ism al-Mosool (relative pronoun) knowing that the rest of the terms are mentioned according to the second approach.Keywords: the grammatical term, al-Murakab al-Wasfi (descriptive compound), al-Murakab al-Taliqi (annotating compound), Ism al-Isharah (demonstrative pronoun) and Ism al-Mosool (relative pronoun)