Sayid Al-›Amuli›s Philosophy of Education and its Applications in his Interpretation(Al-Muheetul-A›dham wal- Bahrul-Khidham: The Greatest Ocean and the Wide Sea)


Sayid Haider Al-Amuli is one of the scholars of the Imami school. Hehas been distinguished by dealing with more than one field of cience such as intellectual, educational and gnostic (awareness)sciences. In the present paper, the two researchers try to study the hilosophical and the educational sides of Al-Amuli due to two reasons. First, to analyze the thoughts, beliefs and principles Al-Amuli has believed in so as to access his scientific activity. This will lead to direct them to be useful and beneficial welfare to clarify the ideology of Ahlul-Bait(Pbut). Secondly, Al-Amuli did not have the due right in research by the scholars who have studied the School of Ahlul-Bait in the philosophical and educational sides; therefore, the researchers have intended to indicate the hilosophical and educational effects, to make the best use of such philosophical and educational sides in our present time. They are in fact worth of study and research. The paper is divided into two parts. Part One deals with education and its relationship with philosophy. Part Two deals with the philosophy of education adoptedby Al-Amuli. The Conclusion has shed light on the most important results and recommendations concluded by the paper.