Effect of spraying extracts concentration of three organic fertilizers on growth and yield of maize (Zeamayze L.)


Field experiment was conducted for the season of 2013on the extension farm in Almhnawiya,Babylonin silt clay loam soil to study the effect of spraying three concentrations :control (spray water only), 0.50% and 100% of the extracts of three types of organic fertilizer(waste Poultry, wheat residue, remnants of palm fronds) on growth and yield of maize. Maize compositional variety 5028 were planted in 15/7on ridges width of 75 cm and a distance of 25 cm between plants. Randomized complete block design with three replications was used. Plants were sprayed three times(in the sixth leafs stage , when the first appearance of the male flowers, and in the beginning of the grain filling), the most important results are summarized as follows:Spraying organic fertilizer extracts led to increase the number of leaves ,leaf areaindexandchlorophyll content, also led toreducethe number of daysuntil flowering male and female significantly compared to control.The extract of poultry waste fertilizer was superior compared to residues of wheat and palm fronds. Extract fertilizer spraying led to increase yield components ( cob rows number , row grains number , cob grains number , weight of 500 grains , weight of grim, ear grain weight ) and grain yield significantly compared with control, and the extract of poultry waste fertilizer was superior compared to the other both extracts.