Color rhythm in impressionist drawings


The research includes the study of the color rhythm in impressionist drawings and is in four chapters, which includes the first chapter on the problem of research, its importance and the need for it. The research aims to define the color rhythm in the impressionist drawings, as well as the boundaries of the research and the definition of its terms. The second chapter, the theoretical framework, , The first topic (what color in art), the second subject (rhythm in art), the third section (rhythmic approach to color in impressionist drawing), and also included the third chapter on the research procedures, the research community and the sample of research and research methodology and research tool and analysis of the research sample ( 5) a technical model The fourth chapter included the findings, conclusions, recommendations and proposals, and the most important results:1 - the response of color significance and its internal effects and apparent rhythm to the technical transformations through transition and color diversity in the style of Impressionist painter as appeared in all sample .2 - The color rhythm came through the work of the Impressionist painter in a technique that combines the contrast and harmony in the distribution of color as in the model (1, 3, 5).The most important conclusions:- The color rhythm appears in the work of the Impressionists as an element in itself through the use of expressions based on the meanings shown through the work of color and transformations within the structure of the work of art.Key words: rhythm, Color, drawings, impressionist.