Effect of Deposition Time and Temperature on Structural, Topographic and Optical Properties of Nano (ZnS) Film Prepared by CBD Technique


The research includes the study of the effect of some preparing factors (time of deposition and temperature) on structural, topographic and optical properties of zinc sulfide (ZnS) nanoscale film. Nanofilms prepared by using a chemical bath deposition .The compositional properties included: pictures of X-ray diffraction (XRD), also included the topographic characteristics: pictures of the optical microscope (ORM) and pictures of the atomic force microscope (AFM), while the included optical properties: transmittance, absorption coefficient, the optical energy gap. The results of X-ray examinations (X-ray) to prepare films by (CBD) method have amorphous structure. It has been observed that increasing the time of deposition led to decrease values of the forbidden energy gap, while it was observed that the increase in temperature led to a increase in the values of the forbidden energy gap .