A Reading in the Manuscript “Reviving Spirits by the Good Manners of Ibn Tawoos”


Undoubtedly, the spirit dies when it becomes preoccupied by other than Allah(the Great and Almighty), which is always referred to as the mundane world. In fact Allah sent the messengers and the prophets to revive this spirit and help it reach its perfection and attain the aim behind its creation: (And I (Allah) created not the jinn and mankind except that they should worship Me Alone). This worshipping is known as “ knowing Allah”.Hence, the legally competent person should know his Creator, His Arguments and that whom he is legally competent to deal with among the creatures of his Creator.Methods have verified in this respect. Sayyid Jamalud-Deen Ali ibnTawoos Al-Hilli has been one of the greatest people who have persuedthrough the path of knowledge, experienced it and put down the goodmanners in his different works. Al-Hilli has exhausted any researcher who wants to study what Al-Hilli has done in his works. Ayatullah Sayyid Hassan As-Sadr has embarked in collecting such themes in a book he entitled “Reviving Spirits by Ibn Tawoos’ Good Manners”. In this book, he tackled first the good manners of the servant of Allah with his Creator, and secondly with the Arguments of Allah. Supposedly, the third part should have been about the good manners of the servant of Allah with the rest of the human beings, but he did not have a ggod fortune to complete the book.In this paper, we shed light on the most important features of his method in this respect. It also contains an introduction, seven themes and a conclusion.