Improving the Fire Retardant Efficiency of Phosphazenes for some Constructional Materials


Cyclophosphazene and Polyphosphazene have been developed as a fire retarding material by increasing the number of bromine and chlorine atoms and adding azo moieties within the chemical structure. Four azo phenolic compounds with different numbers and places of substituted bromine and chlorine atoms were prepared. The cyclophosphazene and polyphosphazene were functionalized by the azo phenolic compounds. The functionalizing was done by substituting three chlorine atoms from cyclophosphazene or one chlorine atom from polyphosphazene by the prepared azo compounds through hydroxyl group. (ratio Azo3:1Cyclophosphazoene, and ration Azo1:1 Polyphosphazene). The chemical structure of the phosphazenes were studied by IR, 1H-NMR and elemental analysis. The fire retarding efficiency of phosphazenes compounds for many trading constructional materials was examined. The efficiency of the new phosphazenes compounds was increased for both Cyclophosphazene and Polyphosphazene as a fire retardant.