Impact of analysis strategic performance gap in Possibility transformation to a learning organization


The research aims to analyze the strategic performance gap in a number of Iraqi community colleges by analyzing the gap in the (financial perspective, the customer's perspective, the perspective of internal processes, the perspective of learning and growth), and the extent to which it relates to the dimensions of the possibility of transition to the learned organization, Generation and sharing of knowledge, collective dialogue, continuous learning, building and empowering educated teams, and linking the organization to the external environment) and their impact on the possibility of transforming community colleges into learning organization. The problem of the research was the president's question (does the analysis of the strategic performance gap lead to organizations recognizing the need to transform it into a learning organization). Two main hypotheses were formulated to clarify the relationship between these two variables. The questionnaire was adopted as a data collection tool, And the statistical program (SPSS) was used to analyze the data. The main findings of the study were the relationship between the relationship between the analysis of the strategic performance gap and the possibility of transition to a learning organization.