Self-financing in Iraqi Universities and its role in providing investment projects "Applied research on Muthanna University"


The research aims to identify the nature of self-financing and investment projects and control them, and highlight the stalled investment projects and rates of material and financial achievement, and the revenues of sources of self-financing that can be adopted in the supply of such projects. The most important conclusions reached by the research is that the percentage of financial achievement of the projects of the plan (2016, 2017). There were no disbursements due to the country's austerity crisis, as well as the suspension of 11 projects from the total investment projects. Self-Guaranteed materials identified in which the deduction of part of the self-financing revenue for the maintenance of fixed assets and decoding bottlenecks did not include the establishment of new investment projects. The most important recommendations are the need to invest the amounts of income withdrawn from the sources of self-financing in the reconstruction and completion of the construction of investment projects stalled. The planning and follow-up sections in the sample of the study have to prepare economic feasibility studies in the creation of investment opportunities contribute to increase sources of self-financing income.