The role physical service factors in achieving customer satisfaction


The development in the presentation and presentation of the service in order to distinguish them from the same, was one of the most important reasons to choose the current issue to upgrade the level of service, especially in the Iraqi restaurant sector, which has become today of the important sectors successful. The problem of research was to try to answer a range of questions: to what extent are Iraqi restaurants interested in physical service factors? Do Iraqi restaurants apply physical factors in a way that leads to customer satisfaction? Are Iraqi restaurants interested in the satisfaction of their customers? The objective of the current research is to try to determine the extent to which the physical service factors affect the satisfaction of the customer. In order to reach this goal, two hypotheses were formulated. First, there is a significant correlation between physical service factors and customer satisfaction, The second was there are effect of the physical service factors in the customer satisfaction. The Iraqi restaurants were given a field of application, especially the excellent class restaurants in Baghdad. 346 questionnaires were collected for analysis. The data collection was done using questionnaire, interviews, From the personal observation of the researcher in the field. SPSS_V.19 was used to analyze the data, as well as the use of a set of statistical methods such as arithmetic mean, standard deviation, differential coefficient, data analysis and description, Pearson correlation coefficient for correlation hypothesis test, and simple linear regression equation for hypothesis test the influence. In the end, the research reached a number of conclusions. The most important of these is that the excellent class restaurants in Baghdad are well concerned with the physical service factors, with some obstacles that need to be addressed. The research recommended enhancing the direction and attention to the physical factors because they have a great role in interpreting customer satisfaction.