Synthesis of Functionalized Silica from Rice Husks Containing C-I End Group


In this paper, we have extracted Silica from rice husk ash (RHA) by sodium hydroxide to produce sodium silicate. 3-(chloropropyl)triethoxysilane (CPTES) functionalized with sodium silicate via a sol-gel method in one pot synthesis to prepare RHACCl. Chloro group in compound RHACCl replacement in iodo group to prepere RHACI. The FT-IR clearly showed absorption band of C-I at 580 cm-1. Functionalized silica RHACI has high surface area (410 m2/g) and average pore diameter (3.8 nm) within mesoporous range. X-ray diffraction pattern showed that functionalized silica RHACI has amorphous phase .Thermogravemitric analysis (TGA) showed two decomposition stages and SEM morphology of RHACI showed that the particles have irregular shape. Atomic force microscope (AFM) technique was proved that the RHACI has a nanostructure The XPS spectra of I 3d for all the studied surfaces are presented in the peak located at 618.5 eV binding energy was associated with C–I bond.