Light a candle in a statement Friday afternoon Ibn Ghanim al-Maqdisi T.(1004 AH) Study and investigation


The book light a candle in a statement Friday afternoon authored Faqih Noureddine Ali bin Mohammed bin Ghanim al-Maqdisi brand, a Guinness issues doctrinal value and rare, in a statement Friday and preferred the terms of her Will be returned at noon or not? Especially if misfire condition of her health Kalmsr, and Sultan.This book is one of the rare books in this section, and supports the author in his book on the statements of Messrs tap predecessors, and attribute all the words to the owner, or the book that moved him, and cites each issue controversial statements Imams of the four schools mercy of God, this came Imam Ibn Ghanim phrases Conclave mercy of God, easy and clear, unambiguous Adding these words elegance and beauty, magnificent style followed by the author, where follow in his assonance and alliteration of plain bands flanked affectation.Has been followed in a research and scientific assets in achieving the book manuscript, from the translation of the author, and document the proportion of the book to him, and its importance, and the statement of curriculum author, and followed the scientific method in the art of the investigation, copies compared, and the graduation speeches , and explain the strange words, and the definition of flags and places, documenting Matters of reference books, and so on, and I regard the study of modern spelling rules.