Investment in Islamic Sukuk and its role Confrontation the shortage of banking liquidity study in Al Rajhi Islamic Saudi Bank(2010-2017)


The objective of this research is to highlight the most important risks to Islamic banks resulting from the low liquidity of banks from their normal levels, liquidity risks and the resulting effects, especially when exposed to sudden cash withdrawals or the increasing demand for liquidity through measuring and analyzing the liquidity risks of banks and the most important means Used to address these risks, including Islamic Sukuk. Al Rajhi Islamic Bank was selected and liquidity risk indicators were used The problem of the research is the statement of the effect of the Sukuk instrument as one of the most important investment banking instruments The effects of liquidity risk, The indicators were analyzed and tested using the F, P- value and impact tests using the R2 parameter using ANOVA. The research concluded that there was a significant effect of the Islamic Islamic Sukuk instrument on the liquidity risk of banks, and on the basis of which the alternative hypothesis was accepted. The paper also reached the recommendations of the most important to show interest in the instrument of Islamic instruments as it is one of the important investment tools to collect cash liquidity in addition to high liquidity through resale, which makes the bank is able to address liquidity shortages when it gets.