college of Students’ Trends at The Physical Education faculty in Sciences in Gaza Applied University Towards Teaching and management Professions


University college of Applied Sciences in Gaza towards working in the fields of teaching and management. The study sample consisted of (71) students from the first and second levels who have been selected by random sample. The researcher used the descriptive approach. The most important result is that there is a positive trend in the sample of the study towards the career of teaching and sport management, with a ratio scale (73.8%) towards the career of sport management and (807%) towards the career of teaching. Also, there is no statistically significant difference in the questionnaire of the trends of students in physical education faculty trends towards working in teaching and sport management in all its fields and its total degree according to the sample members' study level.The main recommendations are:-Facilitating top students joining the physical education faculty at Al-Aqsa university to develop themselves professionally.-Developing the department to offer Bachelor degree instead of diploma.