Simulation of Mosul Dam Reservoir Operation for Irrigation and Hydropower Generation


Abstract- The current research aims to build a simulation model to studythe effect of Jazeera irrigation projects (North, East and South) waterrequirements on hydroelectric power generation from Mosul damhydropower plant. The simulation was applied from January 1988 toDecember 2006 on a monthly basis. A simulation model was builtutilizing (HEC-ResSim 3.0) Package, which showed high efficiency inrepresenting and simulating the actual operation of the reservoir.Simulation model operation has been carried out through five scenarioswith two cases of priority; the first was to maximize the hydroelectricpower generation, and the second was to minimize the shortage infulfilling the water requirements of Jazeera irrigation projects. Theresults showed that when the priority is given to meet the irrigation waterrequirements, the water deficit is decreased but the hydropowergeneration deficit is increased, and when the priority is to maximize thehydroelectric power generation, the hydropower generation increases,but the irrigation water is decreased. The study concluded that when theEast and South Jazeera irrigation projects are completed and operatedalong with North Jazeera project, the reservoir would not be able to meettheir requirements, in addition to an obvious shortage in hydroelectricpower generation.