Performance Evaluation of OFDM System with Insufficient CP Using LMS Equalizer under Harsh Multipath Conditions


This paper presents an insufficient cyclic prefix (CP) Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) system with equalizer whose coefficients are calculated using Least Mean Square (LMS) algorithm. The OFDM signal is passed through a channel with four multipath signals which cause the OFDM signal to be under high inter-symbol interference (ISI) and inter-carrier interference (ICI).8-QAM and 16-QAM digital modulation techniques are used to evaluate the performance of the proposed system. The simulation results have accentuated the high performance of the LMS equalizer via comparing its Bit Error Rate (BER) and constellation diagram with those of the Minimum Mean Square Error and Zero Forcing equalizers. Moreover, the results also reveal that the LMS equalizer provides BER performance close to that of the OFDM system with a hypothetical sufficient CP.