The Role Of Marketing Activities And Sports Sponsorship In Marketing Performance A Study Of The Opinions Of The Workers In A Number Of Iraqi Sports Clubs


The theoretical background of concepts related to sports marketing activities, sports sponsorship, marketing performance, and the reality of the latter in the Iraqi sports clubs were taken into account. It is important in the continuation and success of sports organizations, especially sports clubs, and to find out the results and suggestions reached by the researcher. There was a weakness in marketing performance, which was due to poor interest in the use of marketing activities and sports sponsorships in the practices and activities of sports clubs, and to diagnose and treat them. The researcher concluded that the results were the most important of which was the level of Marketing performance in the clubs studied. The results of the study are a group of suggestions; the most important among them is the interest to improve the sports activities through supporting and sponsoring them in marketing, because it reflects the performance of the sports club. Hence, it is necessary to achieve competition and excellence in the sports market.