Mechanical Properties Evaluation of Cold-Curing Acrylic Resin Reinforced by Banana Peels’ Fibers


Although low mechanical properties of Acrylic resin, it isthe most popular used substance as based denturematerials. This drawback could be treated through addingreinforcing phase. In this work washing and non-washingbanana peels as kind of natural fibers with different weightfractions, (5, 10, 15 and 20) % wt. and standared Acrylic,for compartion purpose, are used to prepare compositespecimens by modeling method on order to studypossibility of reinforcing cold-curing acrylic resin bybanana peels. Peels had been dried, crashed, and washedby distillation water before using in the work. Unwashedpeels also used for comparing purpose. Hardness, impact,and tendsile tests were performed to evaluate thedevelopment in mechanical properties of the preparedcomposite. Generally the results show that washed bananapeels have more effective than that of un-washed peels,adding banana peels could improve hardness of compositeand hardness increase with increasing weight fraction ofpeels till specific value, (10) % wt. where highest hardnessrecorded, using high weight fraction of reinforcing phasecould negatively effect into mechanical properties ofcomposite, Also the results show that using banana fibersas reinforce phase, didin’t improve impact strength,fracture toughness, and modules of elasticity properties ofacrylic.