The Characteristics of Innovative Leadership and It’s Role in Stages of Crisis Management Survey Study in the (UNDP) in IraqConstruction Sector


The current study aimed to identify the effect of Characteristics of Innovative Leadership on Stages of Crisis Management, addition to providing the characteristics of Innovative leadership that provide Innovative solutions to crises At each Stage of its Management by a survey study of the views of a sample of (UNDP) managers in Iraq. The study problem focused on determine the effect of Innovative leadership within the framework of its characteristics in crisis management and his stages, The study sample included (35) persons, and the E-questionnaire (Google forms) was the essential instrument to collect the data. Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS), The main results of study were There are significant levels of positive Compatibility between the Innovative Leadership and Stages of Crisis Management in responded organization, addition to Innovative leadership and its dimensions (sensitivity to problems, perseverance, initiative, and originality) have an impact on Stages of crisis management in organization of sample research.