Diagnosing the reality of Human Resources Maintenance Policies and Programs in Iraqi Universities Comparative Study between Mosul and Kirkuk Universities


The research involves a diagnosis for the actual state of the policies and programs of human resources maintenance in Iraqi universities to observe the level of applying the policies and programs related to maintain and develop their human resources and to provide a proper work environment through which the workers feel comfort and satisfaction. Such environment contributes to raise the performance level of the workers and keep them working in the universities and not to look for other organizations to work in. The descriptive analysis approach has been used to deal with the theoretical and applied data of the study. The data have been dealt with by employing the statistical program (SPSS V.25). The apparent sincerity of the questionnaire has been checked through showing it to a number of experts and specialists working in the administrative science. The researchers verified the reliability of the of the questionnaire by using (Alpha Cronbach). Mosul university and Kirkuk university have been chosen to be the applicable fields of the present study by making a comparative study. Thus, the study samples involve (464) employees of Mosul University and (258) employees of Kirkuk University. The researchers have prepared a standard for maintaining the human resources through relying on the literature review and the previous studies. The standard involves (10) dimensions consisting of (50) item, each dimension has (5) items. The study shows a weak level of interesting in maintain the human resources by the two universities. There is also a difference between the two universities concerning the application of the policies and programs of human resources maintenance about (8.4%). The research ends with a number of suggestions that are believed to serve the two universities under study. The most notable of them involve that the two universities have to reconsider their policies and programs of human resources and also to adopt new and developed plans capable of meeting the needs of their human resources and maintaining them. This actually begins from selecting the members, appointing them, training them, developing their skills, and ends by their retirement of the job feeling satisfied and thus such plans have achieved their goals as expected to be.