Effect of protected methionine and lysine supplementation to Awassi ewes ration at flushing period on productive performance


This study was conducted on 32 of local Awassi ewes, average body weight 36.06±0.74 kg (aged 2-3 years, ewes were divided into two treatments. The first treatment (T1) the control contained 8 ewes fed on ration consist of barley, wheat bran, urea and wheat straw without supplement and the second (T2) was contained 24 ewes and fed on the same ration of control supplemented with protected amino acids (methionine 2.5 g and lysine 2.5 g) per ewe daily, the ewes were fed with restricted quantity 1 kg / ewe divided twice daily through the flushing and mating period which lasted 60 days, also all ewes was grazed for 6hr daily. Results was referred that protected amino acid supplement in T2 led to a significant (p<0.01) improvement in conception percentage 91.6%, prolificacy percentage 87.5% and lambing percentage 100% compared to T1 62.5%, 62.5% and 75% respectively, where is the differences was not significant in other traits. Blood parameters was showed significant (p<0.05) increase in glucose 67.91±2.06 mg/dl as compared to T1 59.25±1.72mg/dL, triglyceride was decreased significantly (p<0.05) in T2 42.66±0.96 mg/dl compared to T1 47.37±1.38 mg/dl. Concentration of AST enzyme was decreased (p<0.05) in T2 110.66±7.58 IU/l, while increased (p<0.05) ALT enzyme concentration 38.08±2.48 IU/l as compared to T1 which were 162.12±4.79 and 21.87±0.71IU/l respectively. In conclusion, Awassi ewes supplementation with protected methionine and lysine through flushing period enhance reproductive performance out of reproduction season.