Study of natural radioactivity of soil and noise levels in some industrial sites in Hillah city, Iraq


The levels of natural radioactivity and noise at a number of locations in industrial area of Hillah city have been measured. The measurements were done by using tow devices: Alert (Inspector 33290), Noise meter (NM 104), for several days (December of 2017), during day-time from 9 am.-12 am. With respect to measure the radioactivity, there are three repetitions per location test were taken. Moreover the distance between the device and measured material was (30 cm). The results show that all the values of natural radioactivity are within the permissible limits, where the highest averages for radioactivity rats is (0.0095 μSv/hr) registered at the house of worship, likewise the lowest value is (0.005μSv/hr) recorded near of Al Wa’illy school. On the other hand the averages of noise levels at entire locations are significantly elevated, where the highest values recorded at the interior of industrial area (2.7 dB), and the lowest averages at the interior of industrial area (64.9 dB) was registered at the Bazar area.