Measurement of Natural Radioactivity Levels of Construction Materials at Hillah City


Natural radiation of construction materials is the major source of population dose and its importance as a widespread substance that can be found everywhere in the residential and work areas. The aim of this study is to measure the level of radioactivity into construction materials at Hillah city by using device Radiation Alert (Inspector 33290), the adapted measurement unit is (μSv/hr). The measuring process was done at month of December – 2017 with three replicates per samples test. The results show that the levels of cements, bricks and other construction materials are varying according to the natural structure and source of these materials. It was fuond that the radioactivity of construction materials ranged from 0.005 to 0.024 μSv/hr and the plaster of paris has the less value of radioactivity (0.005 μSv/hr), while granite has registered the highest value of radioctivity (0.024 μSv/hr). In general, the radioactivity for these construction materials is within the permissible limits.