Building and standardizing the cognitive and physical health of the secondary school students in Basrah Governorate


Sports has become important in the lives of many people because of the great benefits to the physical and psychological health, where the man gets rid of some of the pressures of life, as physical activity helps and protects and prevents and addresses many of the diseases prevalent in this time, and here The importance of research is that sports plays a prominent role in the prevention of mental and physical diseases among high school students in Basrah Governorate. The problem of research was the neglect of students for sport and lack of knowledge of its health and psychological consequences as well as the lack of follow-up and investigation of information as well as the lack of a measure of the health and psychological aspects of secondary schools in the province of Basra, the objectives of the research is to build and codify the cognitive level of the two aspects of health and psychological sports in school students Secondary schools in Basrah governorate, as well as to identify the scales. The researchers used the descriptive method in the survey method to solve the research problem,The two main findings of the