Analytical Study of the Production of Calves Meat in Anbar Province 2018


The research aims to study and analyze the fields of calves in Anbar province for 2018. The research requirements were met through the preparation a questionnaire, distributed randomly to a sample of calves' meat producers in 21 fields in Anbar province. These projects show that the variable costs constitute about 93.1% of the total cost. The fixed costs constituted 6.9% of the total cost. The financial and economic evaluation were conducted. All the standards, such as Rate of return on top Investor's Capital, Capital Recovery Period, Net Gross Value, and Net Value have achieved positive returns, and when the capital recovery period is applied, it is clear that the redemption period for all the fields was 1.42 years. The results of the feasibility study showed that the net present value was close to zero at a rate of 132.7%; at -134000 dinars. That is, this rate represents the internal rate of return. At this rate, the net present value of the benefits for the next ten years (the life of the project) is I.D. 5,296,362,000. The net present value of the cost for the next ten years is I.D. 5,168,785,000. In the sense that the ratio of current benefits to current costs amounted to (1.024).