Evaluation the thyroid activity modulation on some blood parameters in broiler chickens


This experiment was designed to evaluatethe thyroid gland activity (hyperthyroidism and/or hypothyroidism) on some blood parameters in broilers. Thirty, oneday old broiler chicks were divided randomly into three equal groups. First group (G1) was control, second group (G2) Thyroxine was added to the drinking water (1 mg/L; 4 wks) serves as hyperthyroidism chicks and third group (G3) carbimazole was added to the drinking water (0.1 % ; 4wks) serves as hypothyroidism chicks. The blood samples were collected from overnight fasting birds at 15 and 30 day of experiment for the determination of serum glucose, total cholesterol (TC), total protein, albumin, and insulin concentration. At the end of experiment birds in all groups administered glucose 2g/kg/B.W. to evaluated glucose tolerance test, after 30, 60 and 90 mintfrom the glucose load, a blood sample was collected to determine serum glucose and insulin concentration. The results revealed that a significant increase in serum glucose and cholesterol concentration was observed in G3 as compared to the G1 and G2groupsat day 15 and 30 of experiment,at that timea significant decreasedwas showed in G2 group at day 30 of experiment as compared with G1 and G3 groups. A sharp descending of insulin line was showed after 90 minute in G1 group as compared with G2 and G3 groups in glucose tolerance test. In conclusions, that the effect of thyroxine and carbimazole administration to induced hyperthyroidismand hyporthyroidismrespectively caused hypoglycemia and hypolipidemic effects,and the modulations in body components according to thyroid gland condition are at least partly interposed by modulation in the control of glucose via insulin hormones in broilers.