Administrative and Financial Corruption in the Health Sector and its Impact on Achieving Sustainable Development :Applied research in a Health Department


The research aims to demonstrate the impact of administrative and financial corruption on achieving sustainable development in the healthcare sector, in order to save what must be saved in order to meet the needs of the present and future generations. The phenomenon of financial and administrative corruption is the most serious phenomenon because of its impact on economic growth, which in turn impedes achieving development. One of the most important conclusions reached by the research is the absence of ethical values, which led to the spread of bribery and crime and poor investment of infrastructure as a result of smuggling money by corrupt and invested outside the country. The research also reached the most important recommendations, the necessity of spreading ethical principles based on honesty and sincerity in work and cultivating the spirit of citizenship among members of society with news about cases of financial and administrative corruption while ensuring their protection to achieve the well-being of society.