Applying the principle of dependability in the framework of taking on the job in public vacancy in Iraq


It should keep in mind the importance of public office in the life and development of society. It is also an effective means to implement the state's public policy, as the public servant is the key element in success, which is need the public employee to be able to employment.On the other side, the administration must carefully check the eligibility and workability of each employee, and also need for legislation to set rules that governed this issue. The principle of eligibility means, to be appointed to public office based on a person's ability and competence. Effective management is not based solely on its adopted management systems, no matter how efficient they are, unless they are coupled with a competent employee, who is able to put them into practice. Efficient management is the possession of competent employees, who have the ability to achieve its objectives.However, the application of this principle is influenced by the other dominant principles in the public office, as these principles may contribute to the effectiveness of this application. The methods of selection of the public official and his occupation of the public office have a clear impact in this regard as well, which makes this subject worthy of research, attention and evaluation.