The Employee Freedom in social Network sites


It is indisputable today that the employee's right to express and publish on electronic social networking sites is one of the rights guaranteed by most legislation, because it is important for the transparency of the work carried out by public officials in the exercise of administrative work within the limits set forth in such legislation.The development of social networking sites and the increase in the number of people using these websites haveincreased and exacerbated legal problems. This has led to disagreement and contradictions between the legality of the acts of employees and their illegitimacy between supporters of the idea of development which can Achieve high goals to improve the effectiveness of the General Facility and the authority on the basis that it is a matter of electronic administrative control of self-management work and that if it felt that the control from the inside will remain vigilant and try to make the facility successful, and between its opponents in the severity of the challenges arising from the poor usage of these sites by the employees because of their impact on the privacy of individuals on one hand and threatens the safety and security of the state on the other, so most of the legislation at the present time to keep pace with technological developments through the development of legislation are considered necessary to regulate this matter.