Umm al-Mu'mineen Umm Salama and its legal infallions in the attainment of al-Maram from the evidence of the rulings of Ibn Hajar al-Asklani (d. 852) (prayer book)


The Muslim woman has contributed effectively to the novel of Hadith, nservation, control and maintenance, with her brother the man who later became an inexhaustible amount of effort in keeping the Sunan and control and narration and codification.There is no doubt that the Anas of the believers, may Allah be pleased with them, had a great virtue in the transmission of Islam and the dissemination of the Sunnah of the Prophet, especially among women, all of whom heard him peace be upon him and lived with him in the details of his life on the difference between them in the conservation and the novel and published.Among these women: Um Salamah: Hind bint Abi Umayyah al-Makhzoumiyyah (d. 63 e), one of the owners of the centennial, rotated (378) recently, and is the second narrator after the mother of believers Aisha, may Allah be pleased with.The topics of Meroitha Aa'ishah may Allah be pleased with them, varied between the provisions and interpretation and literature and sedition and sedition .. Although the most in the provisions of different doors and overcome the practical status.The novel and the fatwa came after the death of Aisha, may Allah be pleased with her, Vkdaha Dear companions, to know the novel and performance and bear, after the delay in the death to the year (63 e).And the importance of Merwiyat Umm al-Mu'minin Umm Salamah may Allah be pleased with them I chose to contribute modest effort in the statement of Marwaat jurisprudence through the book (blog al-Maram evidence of judgments) Ibn Hajar al-Askalani (T 852 e) in my book purity and prayer